[Exclusive Starcast] 140929 The 8th episode, Shooting scene of 2PM’s ‘GO CRAZY!’

Real 2PM has come back in about a month~! You have waited for so long, right?ㅠㅅㅠ Today is time to tell you the story of shooting scene of 2PM’s ‘GO CRAZY!’
Are you curious what members do when they do not shoot?
We release the story right now! Start~!

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[Exclusive Starcast] 140826 The 7th episode, ‘Mafia Game’ with 2PM

Go away, Summer~! August is getting cooler! 2PM has gathered at the rehearsal scene of JYP Nation concert!

But!! There was breaking news that a mafia had invaded in JYP Nation. The mafia is hidden among 2PM. Who would he be?!

Are you curious of 2PM members’ meticulous investigation in order to protect HOTTEST from the mafia and the surprise guest? We release the 7th episode of Real 2PM now~

Tada! This is Nichkhun>_<!! He has still fresh image. He is trilled whether he would be a citizen or a mafia! What is his identity?

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